Georg Rudiger, Badische Zeitung 10. Februar, 2007
about the concert: generic compositions.... duo Contour+ Rosemary Yiameos

'charming moderation from Lee Ferguson (percussion) and Stephen Altoft (trumpet)'
'Precise playing by Stephen Altoft and Rosemary Yiameos'
'Ferguson played marimba and vibraphone with inherent virtuosity'

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Marion Klötzer, Badische Zeitung 15. Februar, 2006
about the concert: Geschichten aus Papier und Flamme  

'a compelling cultural and entertainment concept'   
'undeniably avant-garde and decidedly harmonious programme'
'exceptionally orchestrated'

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Brina Jez-Brezavscek
DELO"  Ljubljana 22.10 04

With his   second   piece of the evening, "Battaglia", Igor Majcen enters the realms of humorous, grotesque music theatre. Duo Contour- the percussionist Lee Ferguson and trumpeter Stephen Altoft - demonstrated a brilliant mastery of all the elements  musical theatre demands: from exceptional performance on musical instruments, to a perfect acting creation ... In the performance - according to  the compositional context -  the indestructible "ego" is shown, which , persistent  as a round puppet with a lead bottom, can never
fall down . Similarly  the everlasting human dispute between dignity and power ends up in  a  "gag", entering with a kind of ironical dissociation, the sphere of what is sympathetic and acceptable
in the sense of: " look, indeed it is a part of us all". The dramaturgical course is driven on by a sequence
of musical pieces, spoken text, singing, stage action and pantomime, well balanced and  appropriately articulated. The composition was the speciality and focus of the concert, and and was met with laughter
and a lot of applause.





Gerda Neunhöffer, Südkurier

'duo Contour know fascinating ways to make music understandable . On the one hand they explain briefly the pieces, on the other hand they are so well rounded that they radiate a high voltage (or 'they have people on the edge of their seats') from the very begining.'

About Battaglia: 'Their superior musical performances made the pieces extremly pleasurable ' and 'Music and theatre were brilliantly combined'

Manfred Bethalter,

About Battaglia: 'Altoft and Ferguson let voice and acrobatic speech resound with hacked syllables, snaps, scoffs, word fragments, vocal swinging..'