Lee Forrest Ferguson studied as a scholarship student at the University of Iowa under Thomas L. Davis (1991-5). In 1995 he received a bachelor of music in percussion performance and then was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study with Bernhard Wulff at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik, in Freiburg, Germany (1996-8). Lee was a member of the Freiburg Percussion ensemble, which received first prize in the German Music School Competition for the category New Music (Leipzig 1998). He has played with Ensemble Recherche, Ensemble Surplus, the Basel Symphony Orchestra, MusikFabrik NRW and is a member of the new music initiative SUONO MOBILE, ensemble chronophonie, and the US ensemble, Luna Nova. As a performer of new music, Lee works mostly in solo and chamber music genres . He is a percussion instructor at the Southern Blackforest Music School in Tiengen, Germany. 

Composer Title
Milton Babbitt Beaten Paths
  Concerto Piccolino
Richard Barrett abglanzbeladen/
Lisa Bielawa The Great Plasto Dio-Dada Drama*
Chris Burn Etcetera etcetera
Chee-Swen Cheng Chiau Daa II*
Franco Donatoni Omar
Morton Feldman The King of Denmark
Juerg Frey
Die meisten Sachen macht mann selten
Erin Gee
Die fliegende Untertasse und der sterbende
Vinko Globokar ?Corporel
Brandon Goff Butterfly in Reverse
Sydney Hodkinson Kerberos
Helmut Lachenmann Interieur I
David Lang Anvil Chorus
Michael Maierhof Splitting 19.1
Igor Majcen HAUT
Justin Merritt Drum Break
Johannes Nied o.t. 37
James Romig Sonnet 4
Fredrick Rzewski To The Earth
Dan Senn Peeping Tom
Jennifer Stasack Six Elegies for Marimba
Iannis Xenakis Psappha
  Rebonds a and b