Martin Bergande (D) Still (2013) trumpet and percussion
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Donald Bousted (GB) Verses I-IV (2001-5) 19-div trumpet and drumset with video/electronics
Donald Bousted (GB) In your dreams (2005) 19-div and 24-div trumpets, percussion, tape and video
Donald Bousted (GB) My Josephine, your pretty scale trumpet (2012) 19-div trumpet and malletkat
Donald Bousted (GB) 19.5 (2012-14) 19-div trumpet and malletkat
Donald Bousted (GB) My Brentford (2014)
Laurence Crane (GB) Six pieces (2001) trumpet and percussion
video (2002): Catriona Stanton
Roland Breitenfeld (D) Halbe Zeiten (2006) trumpet and percussion
Chris Burn (GB) Alles Vergangliche (2001) trumpet and snare drum
Cornelius Cardew (GB) Treatise (1963-67) graphic score
Yu-chin Chiang (TW) YuMeiRen (2005) trumpet and vibraphone
Michael Clarke (GB) Mirrors (2006) trumpet, percussion and live computer processing
David Dramm (USA/NL) DOG (2014) 19-div trumpet and malletKat
Amy Dunker (USA) Night Sky Dark (2002) trumpet and drumset
Christopher Fox (GB) Generic compositions #1 and #6 (2000) trumpet and percussion
Jürg Frey (CH) Buch der Raume und Zeiten (1999) trumpet and percussion
Jürg Frey (CH) 22 Saechelchen (1998/2006) trumpet and percussion
Jürg Frey (CH) Farblose Wolken, Glück, Wind (2009-11) trumpet, percussion, voice and ‘cello drumset/vibes/marimba and live electronics
Cor Fuhler (NL) Gaufrage improvisation for drawing/writing utensils
James Gardner (NZ) Local economy (2004-6) 19-div trumpet and drumset
Erin Gee (USA) The Left wing of Inhale No. 37 (2000) trumpet and percussion
Alexander Grebtschenko (D) NUMMER 51(2002) trumpet and snare drum
Alexander Grebtschenko (D) Love Songs (2008) trumpet and drum set
Casey Hale (USA) Enneadecahedron (2017) 19-div trumpet and malletKat plus E-Gitarre
Bryn Harrison (GB) Listenings III (1999) trumpet and side drum
Jeff Herriot (USA) a glance at the sun (2008) trumpet, percussion and live electronics
Jan F. Kurth (D) Das System (2017) 19-div trumpet and malletkat, plus Voice
Anne La Berge (NL/USA) (f)oil (2002) two cd players, trumpet and percussion
John Lely (UK) untitled (2008) trumpet and xylophone/snare drum
Andrew Lewis (GB) Budo Variations (2006) trumpet, drumset/vibes/marimba and live electronics
Robert Mackay (GB) Altered Landscapes trumpet and vibraphone/percussion and live video/electronics
Igor Majcen (SLO/D) Battaglia (2002) music theater for trumpet and percussion
Igor Majcen (SLO/D) Soduko (2007) Oboe, trumpet and vibraphone/xylophonie
Scott McLaughlin (IR) Music in two dimensions (2011) Trumpet and malletkat in Eighth-tones
Wolfgang Motz (D) Stiefeli (2012) 19-div trumpet and vibraphone
Ketty Nez (USA) Contour(t) (2005-6) trumpet and vibraphone/marimba
Johaness Nied (D) o.T. 41 (2006) trumpet and vibraphone or marimba
Johaness Nied (D) o.T 41,2 (2008) trumpet and vibraphone
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Tim Parkinson (GB) Two cardboard boxes (2003) cardboard boxes
Michael Parsons (GB) Contours (2005) 19-div trumpet and drums
James Romig (USA) Double 3 (2002) trumpet and vibraphone
Michele Rusconi (CH) No risk No fun (2007/08) trumpet, percussion, tape
James Saunders (GB) #Unassigned (2000) trumpet and percussion
James Saunders (GB) Towards an Equilibrium (1999) trumpet and percussion duo with orchestra
Mia Schmidt (D) Sternstaub (2012) 19-div trumpet and percussion
Coryn Smethurst (GB) Bleach the electricity from my dreams (2001) trumpet and percussion
Michael Spencer/Ewan Stefani (GB) Message from Aiwass VII fragments (2008) trumpet, percussion and live electronics
Ewan Stefani (GB) Forza (2000) trumpet, percussion and live electronics
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Thomas Wenk (D) FORGS3 (2015) 19-div trumpet and malletKat
Nick Williams (GB) Hobo 3 (2008) trumpet and percussion